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Well, now that at least an episode or two has aired of all the shows I'm watching this fall, here's my thoughts on stuff.

Hawaii Five-0
I really have no idea why I continue to watch this show. It rarely makes sense of any kind and keeps hitting various versions of the offensive button here, there and everywhere. Upside: Catharine is full time this season! Yaaay! I like her. Downside: (besides the plot problems) queer baiting, so much queer baiting. And yes, I laugh and squee when Danny refers to his and Steve's relationship as a marriage, but seriously, queer baiting :(

I was kind of scared about this season because they finally got Castle and Beckett together - but so far, so good. I kinda love this show as ridic as it is. And I'm super happy that Alexis going to college doesn't mean she's disappearing from the show because the dad & daughter relationship is one of my favorite parts of the show.

Okay, I continue to watch these out of habit more than any strong interest. *shrug*

I like it! I confess to having a weakness for bow welding heros and so far I like the show, I like the lead dude, etc. I like how the story's unwinding and I really like Ollie's bodyguard.

Another show I'm mostly watching out of habit more than anything. More engaged than NCIS, but not by much.

Criminal Minds
I like the new lady! She's interesting and her interactions with Reid are so different from the rest of the team which is nice and fresh. Creepy people continue to be creepy and what makes them tick continues to be fascinating.

Vampire Diaries
Elena is a vamp now, Caroline continues to be the best, Damon continues to be the most practical and pragmatic character while making me weep (he won't let anyone sit in Alaric's chair at the bar!!!), the writers finally remembered that vampires can hear and smell good, and it's still the crackiest show to ever crack.

Beauty & the Beast
Okay, to be upfront, as a procedural or even a straight up sci-fi drama, this show kind of sucks. It's ridiculous. But I like it anyway because I like ridiculous things. Also, there are about 6 recurring characters and 4 of them are people of color. The leading lady is bi-racial (yes, Kristen Kruk can be played as white, but her mom and sister are cast Asian and bi-racial respectively) and her partner in the NYPD is Latina. Their boss is a black dude and then there's the sister as previously mentioned. White dudes are the "beast" (product of a military experiment with results somewhere between the Hulk and a werewolf) and his best friend. It's so unusual to see a show made up like this and it makes me happy :) And again, I like ridiculous things.

Watching this one online, so I don't really know which day it's on. Finally caught up and somehow I'm really liking this one despite my dislike of political intrigue. The lead character, Olivia Pope, is fascinating and layered and is a strong women without being emotionless or physically enhanced in some way. She's kinda of awesome and flawed and fantastic. Really enjoying all the layers both in the story and in the characters.

I like this show but in a "I enjoy watch it but have no desire to further engage in the fandom" kind of way. Nick keeps getting deeper and deeper into dangerous territory for a cop, Juliette continues to bore me, Hank's taking his new found knowledge well but not so well it's unbelievable, and Monroe and RosaLee are adorable.

Once Upon a Time
This is one of those shows that shouldn't work but somehow does. I really enjoy the twist they're putting on all the fairy tales/historical characters/myths/etc. Fun and surprisingly easy to keep track of, which I think is due to previous familiarity with the characters at a young age.

My soap opera, that is all.
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