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The art is out for the Brit and US versions.
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Is going to be released July 21, 2007. I'm going to be out of the country but it will make for a lovely read when I get home. I'm excited!
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And no, I don't mean LJ icons. I spent part of my rather boring day so far catching up on my free delivery icons from Icon Buffet. I have yet to do anything with my 16 collections of fun and random icons but the trade of them is fun. When you sign up you get one free set of icons and you have to trade for the rest. You also get a new set of icons about once a month and have to go trade for the other sets from that month. Right now it's more about the collecting than actually having any use for the things. What can I say - it's entertaining and free.

Finally got my GoF Special Edition last night and managed to get $15 out of the used DVD story for the single disk version. My fave bits: "Preparing for the Yule Ball", "Meet the Champions", and "Reflections on the Fourth Film" (I think that's what it was called). I just adore behind the scenes stuff :) Watched a bit of the movie before going to bed, I'll watch the rest tonight or tomorrow.

It's been so beautiful weather wise for about two weeks. Not today - sloppy and wet. Rain/snow mix, chilly out. I'm not looking forward to my drive home.
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Or Science imitating fantasy fiction: invisibility cloak.
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I've finally completed my HP education - I went to see GoF this evening. A ton got cut out of the beginning, but I loved the movie anyway. I'm officially infatuated with Severus Snape. Alan Rickman does such a wonderful job portraying him and with that line delivery, how could you not like him? Especially loved the 'study hall' scene. I've had teachers like that - the smack you upside the head type. Need Snape icon!

Voldermort: Oh. Good. Grief. You're telling me that shriveled little twit was worth all that fear? I could have squished him with my shoe (pre HPB revelations, of course) before his oh so loyal followers brought him back. Damn Wormtail (also - LotR much? Wormtail, Wormtongue - traitors all).

Looking forward to OotP next year. So going opening weekend.
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Well, while I was on my holiday vacation I did a whole lot of nothing but I did manage to get all 6 HP books read in a week and a half. So hear are my scattered thoughts on the series so far:

I still need fic reqs :) )
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I finally broke down and acquainted myself with Harry Potter over Thanksgiving break. I watched the first three movies and intend to read the books in the near future. Anybody have some good fan fic recs? Actually, fic site recs would be great as well. I don't mind book spoilers. Ship wise I like Harry/Hermione and, weirdly enough Draco/Ginny (only stories in which Draco is a good guy and yes, I know I'm delusional). I do read Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny as well. Only recs R rated or lower please, no PWP and no slash of any type. Just...ick.

Note: I like long stories - the longer the better. Great shorts are okay, but they always leave me wanting more and never getting more story *pout*

Thanks in advance :)


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