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Strive Seek Find Yield by [ profile] waldorph
Star Trek 2009, K/S
AU - Spock is the King of the Federation and Kirk is the Prince of America.
Long, plotty, ridiculous. Characters are slightly OOC, due to the whole AU thing. I love it. Am re-reading for the fifth or sixth time. Be sure to read the sequels as well.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by [ profile] jaguarcaine
Hawaii Five-0, McDanno
AU - Danny is a merperson.
Amazing world building, all show and not tell, really rich mythology, good characterizations - just really good story that by all rights shouldn't work but does.
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"Oh, my God," Castle said. His face lit up, and he reached out to Burke and shook him by the shoulders. "I got conned by Neal Caffrey!" He let Burke go and grabbed Caffrey's hand. "This is awesome."

Five Ways Crime Does Pay

I'll be giggling in the corner.
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[ profile] whitecollar_bb, the White Collar (my new fandom addiction) Big Bang is now posting.

Awesome People of Colour are Awesome: Comment-a-thon is as awesome as advertised. Check it out :)
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It's a tag for "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester."

The Unbearable Heaviness of Being—Dean's thoughts as he watches Sam take on Samhain.


Jul. 10th, 2008 01:59 pm
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Ironman fic: "The Kids Aren't All Right" by Christine Everhart. Beyond amazing. Hands down the best fan fiction of any fandom I've ever read and I've read a lot. You have to go read it.
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The Trio Beneath The Temple

Complete, utter brilliance. You just have to read it.
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I found a fic :) One shot, angst, character death. Good ficlet.
Broken Places
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Don't you just love being pointed to a new source of fantastic fan fiction? Thanks to a Stargate crossover fic rec conversation over at [ profile] mhalachaiswords's journal I found a fantastic source of Atlantis Weir/Shep aka 'Sparky' fic by Melyanna. And she's just brilliant at it. Finding a new author to read always makes me happy. I'm now in a very Atlantis mood. Which has absolutely nothing to do with why I'm watching it while packing...ummmm...yeah.
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I know, I know - I've req'd this story before. But...I just found out the story has in fact been continued so I'm re-req'ing.

The Barista Series
This is, hands down, my favorite Stargate fic series. I have several authors that I love, but this story is so unique and humorous that it is my fave. Diet Coke Chic is a genius at portraying the goings on at the SGC from the eyes of an outsider - in this case a barista at Daniel's regular coffee shop. I know, it sounds like it could be incredibly Mary Sue-ish but it isn't. Kira Meyers (the barista) is a wonderful character and I find myself being a solid Kira/Daniel shipper despite the fact that nothing has, nor probably ever will, happen. If you haven't read this and you're a SG-1 fan - go, read!

And yay the story continues:
The Assistant
The continuing adventures of Kira and the SGC in Season 6 and hopefully beyond.

Oh yeah, the rest of her fic is great too :)


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