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You can continue to read live blogging updates here and here. The two articles I find interesting are written by two female Iranian journalist on the ground in Tehran.

IRAN: The Day of Confrontation and Clarity
IRAN: "The Streets Were Overtaken by Tear Gas"

I'm looking for a link I had a few days ago about support walks and demonstrations around the world but I can't seem to find it right now.
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I keep hearing from various sources that it doesn't matter that Ahmadinejad "won" because Mousavi isn't really any better (for various reasons depending on who you listen to). This is not the point people! The point is the election is a farce, the votes didn't get counted and the will of the people of Iran was circumvented. Those millions of people demonstrating on the streets of Iran just want their voices to be heard and the leader that was truly elected to be president. It's about the corruption of the government, the Supreme Leader pulling all the strings and so much more. I hope Mousavi's the better choice, but in the end, that's not what matters. The people of Iran getting heard by their government and the world, that's what matters.

Also, all the comparisons between this election and the 2000 US election debacle in Florida...WTF? Not even close people.


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