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Yes, it is the annual day of announcements of cool iPod stuff from Apple. Here is the complete recap from Engaget.

Shalla's list of the important stuff:
1. The iPod Nano now comes in colors. I want one in green.
2. iTunes now has movies!
3. The resolution on the TV shows and movies shown on iTunes is higher now.
4. 80 GB iPod with 6.5 hours of battery time. Upgraded from the 60 GB with 4 hours of battery time.
5. Coming Q1 2007: TV set top box. So you can have iTunes with movies and shows and songs and pics on your TV without having the portable. Priced at $299.

I'm so bouncy about this stuff. Thrilled to death. I am going to get a iPod now—a green (I luv green) Nano. Note to everyone I know: I want Apple Store gift certificates or money for Christmas this year.

Apple fangirl *squee*
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These are cute (and so is the boy playing the Mac):
I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC


Jan. 10th, 2006 01:16 pm
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Oh. My. Word. Me wants it, yeeesss precious.

Dual booting so you can run Mac OS and Windows at the same time on the same machine. 4 to 5 times faster than the G5. Just wicked cool *g*
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Don't get me wrong, Microsoft makes an inferior product 99% of the time 'cause they can get away with it. But the two screenshots of the new OS, Windows Vista, I found over at sure look pretty. I'm a bit amused at how the graphical look of Windows and Mac operating systems keep getting closer and closer. Mac OSX looks more "Windows" like than any previous OS from Mac and the new Vista looks a great deal like OSX.

Edit: Speaking of Mac - today is Macworld 2006. Other wise known as a day of cool stuff being announced. Generally speaking, anyway. Should be interesting to see what Steve Jobs says today.

Edit 2: LOL: Re-Introducing the Real Windows Vista


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