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So, Lucasfilm, Ltd is being sold to Disney. Coming to a theater near you in 2015, Star Wars: Episode 7.


Actually, if they incorporate the stuff from the books that I love (Han & Leia getting married, Mara Jade, the Solo kids, the Fels, the rebuilding of the Jedi Order, etc) I might be okay with this. Maybe.
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@CarrieFFisher My Star Wars fan girly self is pleased :)
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30 years ago today, a little film then only known as Star Wars premiered in the few theaters that would carry the movie. With ground breaking special effects, a story full of classic mythological elements and all sorts of things that appealed to a slightly younger audience than most films were aimed at it became a huge success. 30 years and five more movies later Star Wars is a fixed part of pop culture and still just as much fun to watch. So Happy Birthday to my favorite movie series of all time :)
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The Bibliochaise - a chair with it's own bookcase. Only for serious book nuts :)

You know The Onion? Now it not only has web and print news but fake news broadcasts.

Stargate News:
Third series to feature use of the ninth chevron. Huh. So now we get to know what the thing is used for. Series slated to debut in early 2008. Personally, I'd rather have more SG-1 but I'm still interested to see what they come up with.

Star Wars related:
10 Things I Like About Empire Strikes Back - Cute and amusing.
SW characters re-envisioned - Black & white and very classic sci fi illustration looking. Available as wallpapers for your desktop.

ETA: Parodies of the "Get a Mac" commercials
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Yep, it's official—there will be a Star Wars float in the Rose Parade on New Year's Day and George Lucas will be the grand marshal. Very cool. You can buy commemorative pins for the float and for the grand marshal.
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You might want to add your site to the Star Wars Wiki web sites list. I haven't added mine yet, but it could be a good place to promote.
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I'm a behind the scenes junkie, so this is my type of thing:
"Wattographs is pleased to bring you our newest feature, Recollections. This series will feature interviews with the people who bring the Star Wars universe to life: the actors, the extras, the crew, as well as people from the Expanded Universe. We've brought on a new staffer, Dennis Pellegrom, to serve as the lead on this. Our first "live" interviews are with Lily Nyamwasa and Derek Lyons, with a pile of interviews that we're currently in progress with."

So, for interviews with people who were on the set of Star Wars, head over to Wattograph's Recollections.

If you have a SW site that does news type things, please post. Thanks :)


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