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So, so many of us (sometimes myself included) suffer from a profound lack of empathy. Thanks to Marianne Kirby for expressing what I couldn't find words to explain.
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The suicides being reported in the news lately break my heart. Bulling anyone, for any reason, is completely unacceptable behavior. If you bully anyone, for any reason, to quote Kate Harding, you are a fucking asshole. If you are a parent, and your child has bullied someone and you've let them off with the excuse of "they're just being kids," you are a total fucking asshole.

To those who have been actively bullied, or like me, completely ignored, it does get better. Stick it out. Don't let the bullies win. *hugs*

I've seen this one in a lot of places, most recently posted by [ profile] enigmaticblues:

This one really hits the spot because you are okay. Really, truly you are.

The Trevor Project | The It Get's Better YouTube Channel

Edit: Wear purple on October 20, 2010 in honor of the LGBT youth who have committed suicide in recent weeks

Le Diet

Aug. 29th, 2008 08:42 am
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Tomorrow is my last official day of Atkins Induction and as of this morning I've lost 7 lbs :) Yay! I'm also so very excited to add nuts and berries back into my diet, it'll help my snack menu tremendously.
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New Bones and new House tonight :D

In a RL update: I have a follow up interview on Wed.
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And no, I'm not crazy. Bible study on Wednesday night was about joy and peace. We're studying the fruits of the spirit. So, much of the part on joy was about being joyful in all circumstances. I got a chance to practice that these last couple of days. I didn't have enough gas to make it to and from work on Thursday and a whole two dollars in my checking account. Payday was Friday. So I prayed that the gas would last me to and from work and to the gas station Friday morning (thank God for direct deposit, my life is so much easier because of that). Well, God answered, just not quite like I expected. But, then again, He's like that. So I've had a cold for the last two days and haven't gone to work. So, no gas issue at all. Thank you God. Now, can please be better? I'd appreciate it :) Love, me.
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Well, I'm committed now. I booked a room for my graduation party yesterday. I debated whether or not to have a party, but in the end the thought that I would possibly get to see people I haven't seen in awhile decided it for me.

Heh. You know all the fuss (for good reason) that is raised by plagiarism? Now, someone has a challenge the requires it. It's a bit of an interesting exercise, but I'm not sure I see the point. *shrug*

This is just pathetic: US Youth Are Geographically Illiterate. Well, maybe if the geography teachers talked about, gee, I don't know—geography instead of how much they dislike George W. the kids would know something.

Edit: now with a direct link. Right click, save target as.
And, for those of you who haven't see it yet: The full length Pirates 2 trailer (thanks to [ profile] abrynne)
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And no, I don't mean LJ icons. I spent part of my rather boring day so far catching up on my free delivery icons from Icon Buffet. I have yet to do anything with my 16 collections of fun and random icons but the trade of them is fun. When you sign up you get one free set of icons and you have to trade for the rest. You also get a new set of icons about once a month and have to go trade for the other sets from that month. Right now it's more about the collecting than actually having any use for the things. What can I say - it's entertaining and free.

Finally got my GoF Special Edition last night and managed to get $15 out of the used DVD story for the single disk version. My fave bits: "Preparing for the Yule Ball", "Meet the Champions", and "Reflections on the Fourth Film" (I think that's what it was called). I just adore behind the scenes stuff :) Watched a bit of the movie before going to bed, I'll watch the rest tonight or tomorrow.

It's been so beautiful weather wise for about two weeks. Not today - sloppy and wet. Rain/snow mix, chilly out. I'm not looking forward to my drive home.
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The day, unfortunately, has not gotten better over all. So I present - the nice things about today:

- Fruit salad is wonderful. Now, on day three it looks a bit odd but still tastes good.
- My hair looks good. Being somewhere between wavy and really curly it turned out cute curls today.
- It's gorgeous outside. Warm with out being hot, sunny and a slight breeze.
- I have yet to succumb to emotional eating. I'm having a horrible day and haven't touched chocolate or anything deserty.
- Did get a complement from a co-worker on something I've been working on.

There - today is not a total loss. Now if I can just get throught the rest of the day, go home and watch some of my Netflix stuff I'll be okay.
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You know it's gonna be one of those days when you've only been out the door ten minutes and it already sucks. I left my purse on the table when I left for work this morning. Thankfully I stop for breakfast before I get too far away but I still ended up loosing about 25 minutes between going back to get it and the increase in traffic in the whole ten minutes it took. It's amazing how much worse traffic can get in a mere ten minutes.

When I got to work I was only 15 minutes late thanks to a quicker route I found yesterday. That was a tiny bright spot. Today is one of those days where I'm not getting anything done quite right and anything in the past two weeks I may have messed up comes back to haunt me. I'm also having to fix stuff other people have messed up in the last few days. I've been doing my best impression of running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Too many things that have to get done now, yesterday or last week. This is the first time it's been a bit slow and I'm only ranting 'cause it'll make me feel better then I can get back to the craziness. And my back hurts from—get this—getting up from the couch wrong yesterday, which caused a not-so-good sleep night.

On the bright side - I'm having a good hair day. I really, really like the way my hair looks today. And I packed a yummy lunch today: Lean Pockets, regular salad and fruit salad. And I love my new Snape icon which is by [ profile] isaviel


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