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Aug. 1st, 2005 06:56 pm
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I had my first day at Arrow Electronics. I think it went fairly well. I like the people I'll be working with and the work looks like it will be very easy to get the hang of. But, first days are just boring. First, you're all nervous about your first day and then you fill out paper work and watch other people do stuff while waiting for the guys in IT to get you email and log on stuff. Hopefully on Wednsday I'll actually get to do something :)

Going camping this weekend! I'm bouncing with excitement.

Thank you! to [ profile] speakr2customrs for my shiny paid journal bday prezzie. *hugs*
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*does happy dance* I have a new job! Well, technically it's a new internship, but it's doubles what I make per month now. Which means I can stay in school, pay off my credit card and buy new pants that actually fit since I've shrunk out of my old ones. *is giddy with glee* I start on Monday. Friday is my last day at Chick-fil-A.

School...can I just not think about that now? I seriously don't get most of my science homework, therefore I'm avoiding it. Earth science I get, basic biology I get, quantum mechanics, general relativity and atomic theory go right over my head. Music class is going great, I think I'll get an 'A' as long as I do a decent job on my tiny term paper (3-5 pages). My art history project is going alright (it's on van Gogh) and I get decent grades on the quizzes, so I should do okay in that class.

Web life...I just haven't had time to update stuff. I love doing my web sites, I just don't have the time right now. Hopefully with my new job and classes starting in two weeks I'll get back to it. I have no money, so my LJ paid account and extra user pics have disappeared. Bummer. I'll get them back in a few months, but I'm still bummed.

My b-day is on Thursday! Yay me :) 23 years of age.


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