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So I've previously talked about two search and win sites: Blingo and Winzy. I have two new ones to talk about today: SearchChips (Search & Win) and Good Search (Raise money for charity).

Good Search:
This site is cool because half of the ad revenue from your searches goes towards a charity or school of your choice. You enter any charity or school and if they don't have the one you want in their database you can submit your favorite cause. I submitted the Dalit Freedom Network and it was verified and added to the Good Search database in under 24 hours. The search is powered by Yahoo!, so you get great search results and you raise money for your fave charity. The catch: only web searches count, not image, video or news searches. Money is sent as a check once a year.

This site runs a bit differently than the other Search & Win sites. Yes, they do hand out prizes ( and Fandango gift certificates) to random searches but the real thing here is you sign up, pick a prize you want to win and then make searches, add bookmarks and invite friends to earn "chips." Each prize has a chip value and when you've earned that many chips you get the prize. It's a lot more attainable and more straight forward way to get that iPod you've been wanting.

Lots of options—earn stuff for a charity or stuff for yourself and find stuff on the web. It's not like you don't use search engines all the time anyway.
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I know I've mentioned several search engines where you can win stuff just for searching but this is a new a cool twist on that: pick a charity and half of any money made on the ads shown during your search goes to that charity. You can even submit a charity if they don't have it in their database already. I've submitted the Dalit Freedom Network.

GoodSearch smaller logo

I won!

Jan. 10th, 2007 03:00 pm
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I'm very excited. I've been using a couple of different "Search & Win" sites over the last few months and I now have my first win :) I am now the proud owner of a $10 Gift Certificate. I could have chosen iTunes instead but Season 2 of Atlantis comes out in March and this will take the price down to something affordable. *bounces* Yay!

I won with (unfortunately only open to the US and Canada):
Win Free Prizes


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