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Interesting...despite the fact that I haven't updated in a very long time my visitors spiked by an average of 30 more visits a day this week. Why? Because the site's name is Like Mother, Like Daughter and Mother's Day was this weekend. I just thought that was interesting.
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Hi all - Natalie and Kristen from SW Destiny have volunteered to take over those two fanlistings. Thanks to everyone for your help :)
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I've decided I just don't have time to mess with them any more.

Courageous Shadows, the handmaidens' fanlisting and Like Father, Like Son, the Anakin & Luke Skywalker relationship fanlisting are up for grabs. I'm not willing to give them over to just anyone, but if your interested, just comment on this post. I'm keeping Kind but Sad because it's basically an extention of LMLD.

If you're an affiliate of LMLD, pretty please post this on your website. Thanks much.
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I'm going to be screencapping Revenge of the Sith soon for LMLD and I need a bit of help from anyone who's read the RotS novel. I need to know where in the course of events the deleted scenes featuring Padme appear. I usually insert the deleted scenes caps in where the scene would be if it wasn't deleted and I'm having trouble getting an exact fix on these scenes. Pretty please help? Thanks :)
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Google AdSense has added a new feature: get new people to download and install the Firefox browser or Google toolbar for said browser and get $1. First of all, Firefox is superior to Internet Explorer in so many ways. Better security, quicker browsing, blocks the right pop-ups (not the ones you request by clicking on a link), and has nifty tabbed browsing. So go to Like Mother, Like Daughter and click on the link under the regular Google ads on the left side of the page and download it already. The money would help with my sites a bunch.

Sorry for the journal spam today :)
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All I can say is thank goodness for custom 404 pages. Since I did a good deal of reorganizing with the latest layout at LMLD, many of the pages that were there before no longer exist - most importantly the galleries. Search engines haven't re-indexed the site yet, so they keep sending people to images and pages that don't exist. So I did a custom 404 page and the visits back to the main site are huge. I do hope, however, that the search engines update soon.
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And I'm actually hopping up and down with excitement about it. I was up until 4am loading all the new files.

In other news...the evil hotlinkers are now vanquished by a .htaccess file :)


Sep. 23rd, 2005 12:33 pm
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Can I just say that this is the coolest thing ever in the realm of site stats. I have visitors from all over the world and I can see where they're from! Much fun.

I haven't previously taken full advantage of my stats, I plan to do that with the re-design. I'm putting the little Site Meter code on every page. I'm going to start paying close attention to the way people use the site so I know what areas to focus my attention on. Yep, I'm going to be on top of things.


Sep. 16th, 2005 10:34 am
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Well, I'm a long way from re-opening, unfortunately. But the new, in progress gallery is open to browse. I've only finished TPM and Natalie Portman sections. Screencaps still need to be added to AOTC (should happen next week) and I've got some more fan art to add. Then on to the RotS, ANH, ESB, RotJ, and Carrie Fisher sections. Ugg.

If anyone would like to donate wallpapers or icons, please email them to


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