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Run, don't walk to read Summer House. John & Rodney have a summer/forced time off house in Eureka. Hilarity ensues. Fargo is terrified of Rodney; John & Jack commiserate about the geniuses; S.A.R.A.H. reminds John of Atlantis. It's awesome. Sequels: Shore Leave & Sabbatical
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Oh. Good. Grief. You have got to be kidding me. Gateworld recently posted the cast changes for season 5 of Stargate: Atlantis.

My ravings behind the cut )
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For "Favorite Sci-Fi Show"—which considering they were up against Battlestar Galactica and Dr. Who is saying something :) Gateworld story w/link to cast video. *fangirl squee of glee*
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Nominated that I watch:
- Fave new drama: Moonlight
- Fave new comedy: Chuck
- Fave sci-fi show: Stargate Atlantis
- Fave TV drama: House

There's lots of other stuff you may or may not be interested in (I, for one, was very disappointed by the fave male TV star choices).
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*happy dance* This is so great. And an exceptionally early renewal.
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This is what happens when you spend two days sick watching nothing but Atlantis. That is all.
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Don't you just love being pointed to a new source of fantastic fan fiction? Thanks to a Stargate crossover fic rec conversation over at [ profile] mhalachaiswords's journal I found a fantastic source of Atlantis Weir/Shep aka 'Sparky' fic by Melyanna. And she's just brilliant at it. Finding a new author to read always makes me happy. I'm now in a very Atlantis mood. Which has absolutely nothing to do with why I'm watching it while packing...ummmm...yeah.


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