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Seriously, there are girlfriends and Hawaii Five-0 is the slashiest thing to ever slash. The level of married Steve & Danny are is kind of ridiculous. Oh show.

Also, in possibly my fave stunt casting ever (seriously, why so much stunt casting show?), Papa Caan is on next weeks episode (at least he can act, unlike most of the stunt cast people).
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Is back!!!!!!! *happy dance* That, that was my show! Also, epic amounts of car porn this episode.
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Strive Seek Find Yield by [ profile] waldorph
Star Trek 2009, K/S
AU - Spock is the King of the Federation and Kirk is the Prince of America.
Long, plotty, ridiculous. Characters are slightly OOC, due to the whole AU thing. I love it. Am re-reading for the fifth or sixth time. Be sure to read the sequels as well.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by [ profile] jaguarcaine
Hawaii Five-0, McDanno
AU - Danny is a merperson.
Amazing world building, all show and not tell, really rich mythology, good characterizations - just really good story that by all rights shouldn't work but does.
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I need another fandom like I need a hole in the head. But...seriously...Hawaii Five-0? Is like good crack. There is banter! There are characters! There isn't really a plot! Or, at least one that holds up at all. Also, pretty pretty scenery from Hawaii & gorgeous actors. Alex O'Loughlin! Grace Park! Scott Caan! Daniel Dae Kim!

And there is good, good fic. I keep getting pulled into tv shows by fic. I read the fic and find it awesome. Then I watch the show. I do things backwards.

I do have a tiny, tiny Trekkie issue with the last episode. "Commander Sisko" was so instant about being a Commander while wearing four pips (aka Captain insignia) and a late series (also meaning it's Captain, not Commander) uniform. Details people!


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