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'Cause Justin Hartley aka Oliver Queen/Green Arrow will be a series regular *squee* this upcoming season. And yes, I am the girl who bought season six just to have the Green Arrow/Justice League episodes (it's the only season of Smallville I own).
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James Marsters in on Smallville tonight! Yay! And he's playing a completely evil character...great, great facial expressions :) I really hope someone screencaps this. I want to make icons.
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I think this is gonna be a semi-weekly thing. 2 to 3 icons from the latest episode of Smallville featuring James.

I loved the Splinter episode. Many great moments.

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As usual: Snag. Comment. Credit. Thanks :)
Caps by [ profile] inxsomniax
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From the vamp filled episode. Caps by [ profile] inxsomniax. Other credits in my user info.

Want.Take.Have.Credit :)

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"Buffy" Sanders, vampire. James delivering the line "Clark, there's no such thing as vampires." Carrie Fisher. Multiple mentions of the number 1138 (George Lucas' fave number). Professor Fine killing somebody and having a very season 2 Spike look to go with it. Chloe's 50s detective narration.

All in all, despite the campyness, loved the episode. It was too funny not to like.
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I finally got to watch this week's Smallville. The best parts were James giving his lecture as Professor Fine and the clip for next week's show. A vampire themed show and the preview showed James delivering the line "There's no such thing as vampires, Mr. Kent." I about died laughing. I may be the only one who found this amusing, but who cares.

Two icons, screencaps by [ profile] inxsomniax


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