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I'm still shaking from the adrenaline rush.

Blood, guts, an actual plot and a 3D headache--some spoilers )

All in all, if you like horror films, you'll love this movie. Hopefully Friday the 13th next month is just as good.
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Simply incredible. The story, plot, acting, effects, the whole nine yards. So, so good.

semi spoilery thoughts behind the cut )

Be sure to stick around until after the credits. The tiny scene there is very much worth it, especially if you know anything about the Iron Man comics.
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Today in Hollywood the WGA went on strike over various residual related issues, the main sticking point being revenue from Internet sales and advertising on Internet streaming. As a watcher of way too much TV, I support the writers in what they're trying to do here. As the studios continue to rake in more money from new media sources most of the people involved in creating the content receive little to no compensation for their efforts. This time, on this issue, the writers have taken up the cause. Let's be clear, this negotiation will set the standards on which everyone else in Hollywood will operate. If it wasn't the WGA, it would have been SAG or one of the other unions.

Main sticking points:
- Writers currently make $.04 per DVD sold of their work. The WGA is asking for an increase to $.08. Sounds reasonable to me.
- The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) wants to extend the DVD model to internet/new media sales and re-broadcasts. The writers want to apply the current re-broadcast (via traditional TV syndication, etc.) rate (2.5% of revenue) to new media. In short, AMPTP wants to give .3%, the writers want 2.5% and AMPTP won't budge one red nickel. According to this post on, the WGA is willing to go lower but won't move without a counter offer from the AMPTP.

In talks on Sunday the writers say they took the DVD point off the table entirely so the real sticking point is the new media residuals. If the WGA back off on that point it will effect everyone who works in Hollywood, every single person that works in TV and movies.

So, to the writers: Hold strong. I hope this is resolved to everyone's satisfaction soon.

ETA: Some link(s) pertaining to the issue
Pencils Down by John August
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First of all, am I the only one who thinks it's tacky to clap for yourself when your name is read as a nominee? Seriously.

The cast of Ugly Betty was just so adorably cute! They all looked amazing and you can really see the chemistry and friendship among the cast.

Huge Laurie is hilarious! And is it just me or has he been spending too much time in the States playing an American? His accent is still there but a little less pronounced than I remember.

What's up with Borat winning best actor? Yuck. On the plus side the movie as a whole didn't win.

Congrats to Dreamgirls for the bevy of awards including Best Supporting Actor and Actress and Best Musical or Comedy. Anyone up for taking bets if Jennifer Hudson will make a guest appearance on American Idol this year? I'm guessing not—she'll be too busy with award shows and interviews.

Okay, I'm bummed Heros didn't win best drama. I like it much more than Gray's Anatomy.

Helen Mirren made out like an bandit didn't she? She's an amazing actress and the awards are very well deserved.

I am so happy to see so much color on the ladies this year. Up with purple and red and green and blue and down with black that blends in with all the guys. Some of my favorite dresses: America Ferrera, Rachel Weiss, Renee Zellweger and Sara Ramirez.
White was also huge this year and I especially loved Kate Winslet, Salma Hayek, Hayden Panettiere and Drew Barrymore. There were many other amazing dresses tonight, these were just a few of my favorites.

In the "I can't believe she actually wore that" category: Cameron Diaz, Courteney Cox and Jennifer Love Hewitt.
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This is an excellent blog entry. So many good points but I'm gonna cut to the chase of what I would love to see.

When a movie comes out - the DVD comes out at the same time. Only for the first two weeks or so, you can only buy that DVD at a theater that's showing the movie. I can guarantee you that almost every movie I take the time to go see in the theater I buy on DVD. If it was available, I'd buy it on the way out of the theater. While this may ultimately cut down on repeat viewings by some customers, both the theaters and the studio would still make money. Studios already make more money on the DVD release as it is - releasing it while the hype around a movie is still fresh can only increase that not to mention they only have to run the ad campaign once instead of both for the theatrical release and the DVD release. Theaters are already suffering from poor attendance, partially caused by them trying to make more money by showing a ton of commercials and the increase in ticket prices. Cut back on the ticket prices a bit, through in an ad that this movie will be available for purchase in the lobby after the showing and watch the DVD sales roll in. I'm one of those people who wants to see the behind the scenes featurettes, audio commentaries, and deleted scenes that often come with the DVD the minute I walk out of the theater. If I could, I would. Now, not every movie would rake in sales but large blockbusters and kiddie movies should. Especially the kiddie movies. The parents won't be able to get out of the building before the kids talk them into buying them a copy of the movie for their very own. It's a great idea that unfortunately probably won't happen anytime soon.
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Well, I've seen a lot of movies lately so I thought I give ya'll my thoughts on the films. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith )

Batman Begins )

Bewitched )

The Fantastic Four )

And on a completely different note...New Stargate on Friday!!!!!!! [sarcasm] No, I'm not excited at all [/sarcasm]


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